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This is the most comprehensive assessment offered!  

Dr. Andersen incorporates psychological, neuropsychological, and educational principles in order to best understand the individual and provide the most targeted interventions.  The most common reason why parents pursue this type of evaluation is when their child continuously does not respond to evidence-based interventions.  Other common reasons for this type of evaluation include children with suspected of having processing disorders, children who have undergone previous psychoeducational evaluations and continue having difficulties, and children with known or suspected neurological conditions.

What do you get with this type of evaluation?


  • Interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s) (~2 hours) 
  • IQ testing with a cognitive hypothesis testing approach (~1 hour)
  • Academic testing (~3 hours)
  • Language testing (~30 minutes)
  • Memory testing (~1 hour)
  • Attention/Executive Function testing (~30 minutes)
  • Sensorimotor testing (~15 minutes)
  • Social/Emotional Behavior testing & child interview (questionnaires completed by parent[s]/guardian[s], & examinee)
  • Adaptive testing (questionnaires completed by the parent[s]/guardian[s])


  • Verbal Feedback (~2 hours) with extensive and specific home, school, and community based recommendations
  • Written Report (~15 to 20+ pages) with diagnostic impressions and recommendations

This type of evaluation is typically conducted over four sessions.  The first session is the interview.  The second and third sessions are for Dr. Andersen to conduct face-to-face testing with your child.  And the fourth session is to go over the evaluation results with you verbally, at which time you will also receive a copy of the written report.