Diagnostic Psychological &
Psychoeducational &
Neuropsychological &
Independent Educational Evaluations.

Welcome to Andersen Psychological Services

Testing and Evaluation Services from an Authentic and Genuine Child & Adult Psychologist. 

You Will Receive an Accurate Diagnosis and Practical Recommendations.

Professional, Contemporary, and Compassionate Services

  •  Professional and multidisciplinary evaluations

  •  Paperwork delivered to you and filled out electronically via a HIPPA compliant client portal

  •  Knowledgeable about distance learning and current COVID-19 school-based practices

  •  Practical verbal and written feedback

  •  Free coordination of services

  •  If for any reason I am not the right provider for you, I am happy to refer you to a colleague

  •  Quick question?  No problem.  Send us a brief message here 

Dr. Brett Andersen

Services Offered

Comprehensive Evaluations

Multidisciplinary Evaluations

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

Specific Referral Evaluations (e.g., Learning Disability/Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, C/ID, Psychological, Gifted)



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