Autism Evaluation

Autism Evaluation

Dr. Andersen can identify if you or your child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  This type of evaluation is only for the purpose of ruling in or out the presence of ASD.

What do you get with this type of evaluation?


  • Interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s) (~ 2 hours)
  • Communication testing (~30 minutes)
  • Executive Function testing (~30 minutes)
  • Social/Emotional testing with the child & Behavioral Questionnaires (completed by the parent[s]/guardian[s])
  • Adaptive testing (questionnaires completed by the parent[s]/guardian[s])


  • Verbal Feedback (~1 hour)
  • Written Report (~10 pages) with diagnostic impressions and practical recommendations

This evaluation is typically conducted over three sessions.  The first session is for the initial interview.  The second session is for the direct testing with you or your child.  And the last (third) session is provide you with verbal feedback with practical recommendations, at which time you will receive a written report.