ADHD Evaluation

ADHD Evaluation

Dr. Andersen can identify if you or your child has ADHD.  This type of evaluation is only for the purpose of ruling in or out the presence of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  With respect to children, although the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) allows certified school psychologists to verify ADHD (in relation to Other Health Impairment [OHI] determinations), school districts may still refer out ADHD to a licensed psychologist, such as Dr. Andersen.  In these cases, Dr. Andersen can evaluate and identify the presence of ADHD (when present) and provide the school with a verification form of ADHD. This in turn may assist with a special education evaluation when considering OHI.

What do you get with this type of evaluation?


  • Interview with the parent(s)/guardian(s)/individual
  • IQ test (~1 hour)
  • Attention/Executive Function tests (~1 hour)
  • Social/Emotional/Behavior tests (~1 hour)


  • Verbal Feedback (~1 hour)
  • Written Report (~5 to 10 pages) with diagnostic impressions and practical recommendations

This evaluation is typically conducted over two sessions.  The first session is for the initial interview and direct face-to-face evaluation with you or your child.  The second session is to provide you with verbal feedback with practical recommendations, at which time you will receive a written report.

Moreover, medical doctors will sometimes request this type of evaluation to help assist in their decision making (e.g., medication). For individuals already taking medication for their attention, Dr. Andersen frequently conducts tests with the examinee off medication and then repeats the tests on medication to determine the medication’s efficacy. Dr. Andersen is not a medical doctor.  He does not prescribe medication and refers individuals to back to their medical provider(s) to answer any medically related questions.