DDD Evaluation

DDD Evaluation

One of the more common referrals I receive is for individuals pursuing disability benefits through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  In order to qualify for disability benefits through DDD…

  1. The individual must have a qualifying disability (e.g., autism, cognitive/intellectual disability, epilepsy, and/or cerebral palsy);

  2. The disability must have had to manifest prior to the age of 18;

  3. And the disability must result in at least 3 of 7 substantial functional limitations (SFLs).

Qualifying Disability: The Department requires the diagnosis for autism and cognitive/intellectual disabilities come from a provider such as a licensed psychologist.  However, the allegations (as DDD refers to the qualifying disabilities) for epilepsy and cerebral palsy must come from a medical doctor (which Dr. Andersen is not – Dr. Andersen is a licensed psychologist).  Dr. Andersen has been in the field of school psychologist for over 13 years and is proficient at evaluating and diagnosing autism and cognitive/intellectual disability.

Manifest Prior to the Age of 18: The Department is clear that the disability must be apparent and have a substantially limiting effect on an individual’s functioning before the age of 18.  In addition, the disability is likely to continue indefinitely.

The disability results in at least 3 of 7 Substantial Functional Limitations (SFLs).

  1. Self-Care

  2. Receptive and Expressive Language

  3. Learning

  4. Mobility

  5. Self-Direction

  6. Capacity for Independent Living

  7. Economic Self-Sufficiency

If you have an individual that is looking to apply for DDD benefits and are in need of an evaluation contact Dr. Andersen’s office at 602.699.4543 x1 or info@andersenpsychology.com.