Free Resources

Free Resources

The following are FREE resources for parents related to your child’s education.  Please know that you are an integral member of your child’s educational team.  It is always ok to speak up to your child’s teacher(s) and administrator(s) if you are worried about your child.  

Example Letter for a Request for a Special Education Evaluation

Example Letter for a Request for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) 

Example Letter for a Request for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting – note this letter is if your child already has an IEP and you would like to request a IEP review.  The school is required to hold an IEP meeting once per year; however, you can also request an IEP meeting anytime.

Example Letter for a Change Of Placement (COP) Request

Examples of Accommodations and Modifications that your child may be able to receive on their IEP

Information on Grade Retention (Spoiler Alert!  The research on retention is really not favorable)

Anxiety Tips for Home & School

Also be sure to check out the following links!

Arizona Center for Disability Law

Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Exceptional Students Services (ESS) Department

Arizona Special Education Policies & Procedures

Procedural Safeguards (Arizona) – These are YOUR RIGHTS as a parent!

Raising Special Kids