Dr. Brett Andersen

Dr. Brett Andersen

Hi, I’m Dr. Brett Andersen

And I’m a licensed psychologist in Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in diagnostic assessment.  I have  extensive experience in child, adolescent, and adult psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological evaluations.

I absolutely love taking individuals through the evaluation process.  Most people initially come in worried, but my job is to put people at ease as I want to obtain their best results.  I view the evaluation as a constructive experience.  That is, I want you (or your child) to feel better about yourself (or themselves) after the evaluation. 

Although I frequently diagnose individuals with some type of educational, developmental, or psychological condition(s), approximately 25% of my clients do not actually have a diagnose.  I am extremely cautious about overidentifying my clients (technically called a Type I error) as well as under identifying my clients (called a Type II error).  Rather, my job is to provide an accurate diagnosis.  And I do this through collecting and synthesizing a ton of data (interviews, observations, standardized test results, rating scales, previous evaluation results if present, etc.) and utilizing everything I know about DSM-5 and IDEA conditions, psychometric properties/statistics, and my clinical experience all in the context of the unique individual I am evaluating.  


I am a state (AZ) and nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP).  In addition, I actively maintain my diplomate credential in school neuropsychology by the American Board of School Neuropsychology (ABSNP).  As of November 2021, I am only one of two licensed psychologist in the Phoenix area with the ABSNP credential.  And, as of November 2021, I am the only licensed psychologist in the entire state of Arizona with the ABSNP and NCSP credentials.  


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Western Illinois University (WIU) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then a specialist degree in school psychology (SSP).  I became a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) in 2010.  I worked as a school psychologist in St. Louis, MO for three years serving students in all grades (preschool through 12th grade).  There, I also completed a year long post-graduate certification program in school neuropsychology.  My interests in pursuing higher education (and warmer weather) continued and I subsequently moved to Phoenix, AZ and obtained a doctorate of psychology (PsyD) in school psychology from Argosy University.  I then worked as a school psychologist in a “west valley” and then an “east valley” school district.  Afterwards, I completed a two-year post-doctoral residency in clinical neuropsychology at a local private practice.  I then worked full-time as a staff psychologist conducting clinical neuropsychological evaluations before opening up my own practice in April 2019.  I continued working for a local school district while running my practice until transitioning full-time to my practice in June 2022.    

I have worked with numerous individuals ranging from 3-years-old to over 90-years-olds with various psychological, neuropsychological, educational, and social emotional conditions (e.g., learning disabilities, ADHD, autism/ASD, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and various medical conditions including TBI, epilepsy, and chronic illnesses).